Saturday, November 19, 2016


Mr Ian Gibson is Sam's wonderful grandparent. He is a geologist.

 We had a Facetime session with him. He shared a powerpoint showing us the different types of tectonic plates and the hazards they create. Mr Gibson showed us how the different plates moved by moving our hands as the plates.
Divergent Plates   
Convergent Plates
Transform Plates   .
A special big thank you Mr Gibson, from Room 16.

We had a try at making our own examples of tectonic plates.
A very tasty version!
We all had a biscuit each and explored what movement the different plates make.

The best part was eating the biscuits at the end! Ha, ha!


We started the morning with Athletics with Erin from Project Energize.
We learnt how to run correctly with our heads looking forwards. L-shaped arms pumping and running on the balls of our feet.

Then we learnt the correct way to jump in high jump.
We practised how to kick our legs out and up.


We welcomed back the 'New Zealand Playhouse' to Hamilton East.
They performed their current show #TheFairestOfThemAll.
We loved the crazy characters and learnt about cyper safety.

A Busy Week-Monday

Monday Morning
When we arrived at school 
we found the trees outside our classroom had been cut down.
Wow! There is so much light and sunshine of Middle Flat now. 
There was a big pile of bark that Dugan needed help to move.
Well done Room 16! Fantastic teamwork.
Monday, after Morning Tea
We have started a new unit on Measuring for Mathematics.
We began by measuring and comparing - identifying longer and shorter. 

Wednesday - Ruakuri Caves Trip

We kept our fingers crossed and hoped the rain would stay away. We had a magical day exploring Ruakuri walkway and caves. We finished up with a 'Treasure Hunt' in the picnic area. Then just as the rain arrived we got back on the bus to school. Phew!
Ruakuri Caves Trip on PhotoPeach

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aquifer Model

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water 
on the ground when it rains?

 We investigated how to make an Aquifer model.

We used little aquarium stones to represent rocks 
in the bottom of our tank.
We added some soil to represent the Earth crust.
We cut some grass and put it on top to represent 
the plants growing.
We poured in some coloured blue water and 
watched to see what would happen.
IMG 1794 from Ham East on Vimeo.

We all had a turn using the pump to suck the water up 
from the rock layer, the water table, to the surface.

Sediment Jar

We have been finding out about soil.
We learnt there are soil layers.

What does the word sediment mean?

We put a layer of dirt in a jar and then filled it up with water and shook it up.
Then we watched to see what happened next.

If you look carefully you can see the different layers that have formed in the soil.
Why do you think that happened?

Plate Tectonics

We have been discovering how mountains are formed with Convergent Tectonic plates.

Find out about Tectonic plates

Adding In Parts

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Counting On

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Adding With Doubles

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Rabbits open theirr eyes when they are ten weeks or days old. Rabbits live in borrows or a hutch. They can jump like a kangaroo and they can't run like a cheater. Rabbits are soft and cuddly and fluffy. They can have a hutch that has a ramp and three rooms.


Gymnastics from Ham East on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


We used:Shaving cream, food colouring, water and a jar to find out about precipitation.
First put the jar on a table.
 We poured water in a jar.
Next we sprayed in the shaving cream. Around the top of the jar. Then we dropped in the food colouring. Keep on doing that until it starts to fall in.
How it works: I think the shaving cream was not too strong to hold in the food colouring water and it falls in when it is heavy.
by Ashen


We used:Shaving cream, food colouring, water and a jar to find out about precipitation. First put the jar on a table. We poured water in a jar. Next we sprayed in the shaving cream. Around the top of the jar. Then we dropped in the food colouring. Keep on doing that until it starts to fall in.
How it works: I think the shaving cream was not too strong to hold in the food colouring water and it falls in when it is heavy.
by Ashen

Left behind

She was trying to get on the ship and she was running to the ship she never got on the top of the ship she was cold because it was windy she only had a dress on her. She was in the dark all alone. Her heart was beating faster and faster and she fell off the ladder.
By Brooke

Operetta Day

Operetta day finally. Room 16 have been doing it forever. I'm in the first row third person. My buddy is Ashen.We do dancing singing, dancing, singing. Are we good? Yes! These are the songs we did...Ten Guitars and the salsa.We are doing a play about the1970s. I have stage fight but maybe l'll face my fears. My favourite part is the salsa! It's sleepy but fun. I like the joke. Holding the plate makes me feel proud. Jasnoor sings Ten Guitars and Anna lends the salsa. I love our play is going to be the best!
by Cassia


Dad has a brown beard and brown cowboy boots. Dad wears a white shirt and dark blue pants. Dad has got abs and smelly feet. Dad works, shops, and sleep. He's sometimes a writer and he goes to meetings. He's careful, smart and he's pretty silly and funny is well. Together we like to shop.
by Ezra

The Lego Hunt

Bang went the chairs. This is the hardest bit dragging the chairs down the stairs. Next my favourite bit, building a lego machine, it's MacDonalds. Now to put the blankets on the hut. Sneak, sneak, up the stairs to get my fluffy blanket out of my room. Oh no, mum saw me.
She said " Don't make a mess."
"Ok mum." I said. Now my favourite bit, making a bed in the hut. "Now I'm all done. "I said.  Then my brother came along. And we laughed all night.
Mum said "It's time for bed."
When I went to sleep I heard scary sounds at night. I felt scared.
by Jamie

Monday, October 31, 2016

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Stormy Night

It was a stormy night. She was hanging on a cliff. All a sudden she saw a ship full with pirates skeletons. She went down the stears then she was running but all a sudden she fell in a mud puddle. Her dress got muddy. Lucy cried "Don't live me behind. Then all she heard was thunder finally she heard a sound it was wind. The wind pushing her fast down the hills she climbed up the ladder to be safe.
by Jamie

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Writing with Popple

We used a picture prompt, from, 
for our imaginative writing this week. 
We hope you enjoy our writing. 
Click on our names, in the label list to the right,
to take you directly to our stories.

Left Behind

The sun is going down. The pirates woke up. They went travelling, suddenly she fell off. She went to grab the ladder, she fell on the ground. "Help me, don't leave me. Someone help me" she called. But she fell in a mud puddle. Her dress got muddy and dirty. How is the ship flying? She thought she could make another ship, but she can't. Her ship just floated on the water. She made a fire before the sun set. Then the sun went down. Her heart was beating faster and faster. Suddenly light came out of the sky. The ship was still flying. She could see her parents and her friends on the ship. The pirates took her parents to the dungeon. She tried to escape but she couldn't do it. She had the keys and she got out and locked the pirates in. She unlocked the doors for her family and friends. Everyone lived happily ever after.
By Raumati

The Ship

Lydia woke up wondering where she was! A place with mud, a pond and hills. The air was as brown as cocoa. "I wonder why my family is up there and I am down here?" she thought to herself. She thought that maybe when she had fallen asleep, she might have fallen off the ship. She ran as fast as she could to the ladder gliding in the wind. Lydia ran faster than the wind and she caught the ladder and climbed up. When she got up she couldn't see because it was night. Suddenly she could hear voices that sounded like her family. She ran to them and they were so proud to see her. They went back safely.
By Anna

The Terrible Night.

It was a cold, wet night. Samantha was running for a ship that she had been pushed off by a guard! She was jumping for the ladder but the ship went faster and faster, then it went higher and higher. The ship disappeared into the smoke smothered stars. Now all she had were the mountains for company. "I won't give up," she thought as she stumbled to the ground. As the days slowly went by she was starving to death.
Meanwhile, the maid was in Princess Samantha's room but it was empty. Why was it empty? The maid barged into the Captain's den and told him the whole story.
Samantha climbed to the tallest mountain and found a mound of magic apples and ate one. I wish I could go home she thought. Suddenly she whizzed home! Home sweet home.
By Samantha

Left Behind

It was a very dark night. A girl named June woke up on the top of a mountain. A ship had left her behind. "Oh no!" said June. But she thought, don't give up. Then she saw an apple lying on the ground. She went and picked it up. She bit into it, crunch went the apple. After what seemed like hours, she spied her ship. She climbed aboard and lived in luxury.
By Nicholas

Ghost Pirates

It was a cold night and a girl named Jules was running to the ship because it was the only safe place to live in. She slipped over and cried. All she could see was more mud. Her dress was stained very badly, mud all over it. The ship was gone! She was very afraid of the dark. She ran and ran until she got tired from running. She was trying to find the ship. Jules discovered a little land. There were other people there. She was starving, she smelt something nice. It was chicken and homemade chips. She ran to the food stand. She was poor, she got it for free. She found the ship and snuck in. It was nighttime. She gave the ghost pirates a fright and they never did that again. The ghost pirates were her slaves and they lived happily ever after.
By Regahn

Left Behind

It was a cold and dark, lonely night. Sarah shouted, "Mum, come back, I miss you already! Captain Smee stole you in the night," Sarah ran but mud went everywhere. The mud was soggy and sticky. Captain Smee sailed away as fast as lightning. Sarah didn't give up. Captain Smee kept sailing as fast as he could. Mum jumped off the ship quietly and got on the ladder and climbed down. Captain Smee was angry. He couldn't go back because he was going too fast. He shouted, "I will have revenge. Captain Smee and all of the other pirates will be back!"
By Tyson

Left Behind

A cold, scary night, a girl named Daisy was running in a muddy place. She was covered in mud and she was running as fast as she could. The ship was flying away. She shouted but no one could hear her. Her body was trembling. She felt sick and her feet were tired. She could hardly run anymore because the sodden ground was too muddy. Her arms are more tired than her legs. The ship went higher and higher to the sky. She was too late, the ship went away. Her tears ran down like rain drops from the sky. She was not going to give up.
By Hassan

Left Behind

She fell to the stony ground next to some mountains. Mud stained her skirt. The ship was leaving her behind. She made herself get up. "Come back," she cried as she ran for the ship. But Captain Dread didn't hear because he lost his hearing aid. He steered the Reaver away. A storm was approaching. She had to find shelter. A cave was nearby. She heard noises but she thought it was the wind. When she was asleep Hobb came and took her to Hobb's Cave. "Where am I?" she asked. "Quiet human" said the Hobb. She whacked the Hobb. The Hobb used a spell and she turned into a Hobb.
By Zeno

Left Behind

It was dark. Hannah could not see anything. She felt coldness through her body. She called to the ship but they did not listen to her. They went away. They left her behind on Mars. There was no food to eat. She called " Mum, dad, come back! Help!" If they do not come back she will have to stay there forever.
By Jasnoor

Left Behind

"Help" the little girl shouted. "You can't leave me behind." She got her dress all muddy running to the ship. She was barging through the howling woods. She held her dress up and started to run as fast as an ostrich. But the ship was flying as fast as an eagle. She couldn't breathe because the yellow dust was getting in her sore and dry throat. She almost lost her voice because she was yelling too much. Her family couldn't hear her. She shouted to her family, "Mum! Dad!" They didn't hear her. They kept going getting smaller and smaller.
By Dezyre

Left Behind

It was a cold frosty nite until Anna fell off the ship. She fell into the dark chocolate mud. She was wet and sticky. She was alone. Her heart was beating five times faster. Tears went down Anna's face like fpouring rain.
by Tau

Left Behind

It was cold and dark. She woke up. Anna was cold. She had no food or shelter. Anna climbed the top of the tallest mountain and saw the magic apples. The black dust made her eyes water. Anna ate an apple and wished that she was home. Suddenly it happened.
by Matiu


Wednesday 31 August.

On the day of the operetta I will be scared on the stage by everyone. I have to say a bunch of words. The sasa has a lot of actions. I will be scared when I have to do the sasa. I like the name of the Operetta. I thought that everyone liked it to. Mum can't wait until she can come to the Operetta. We are learning to be fantastic. Every class has a show. "I think that room 16 show is the bomb and fabulous." My clothes are colourful and fantastic and all of them are. The hall is humongous and that is why everyone is doing awesome.
by Tyson

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Turangawaewae - Our Operetta

Room 15 and Room 16 are performing our Operetta item together.
We hope you are all coming to watch us this week.

IMG_0679 from Ham East on Vimeo.

Chemical Reaction

We used baking soda. lemon juice, a balloon and water to make a chemical reaction.
First we added water and baking soda.
Next we squeezed a lemon.
After that we poured the lemon into the baking soda water.
We quickly put the balloon on top. 
What happened next?

Can you explain why this happened?
Tell a friend.