Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Butterfly Story

Once upon a time...
Mrs McKenzie bought two swan plants
We searched and searched for some caterpillar eggs
finally we found our first small caterpillar,
 it got bigger...
and bigger!
we waited 10 days
the chrysalis went black and ...
Our butterfly stretched and stretched it's wings
then decided to fly...
it landed on Scania's head!
Oh my goodness!
It stretched it's wings again, 
and flew out the open door!

Making Pizza Sauce

When we checked our garden 
we discovered some of our tomatoes were ready 
and some had started to go rotten from a bug!  
We decided it was time to harvest our garden.  
We collected our vegetables.  
Look at our fantastic, large capsicums, spring onions, 
tomatoes and delicious smelling basil.
We washed our vegetables,
then we made our Pizza Sauce.
Step 1: Peel the tomatoes.  
Do you know how to peel tomatoes?  
First cut a criss cross through the skin, on the top of your tomato
Then get an adult to pour on some boiling water
Leave to soak for a few minutes then drain the water off.  
The skins will peel off easily.
 Step 2: Chop the capsicums
 Step 3: Slice the spring onions
Step 4: Tear up the basil
 Step 5:  Heat the olive oil
 Step 6: Saute the capsicums and spring onions
 Step 7: Add the tomatoes and simmer
Step 8: Stir in the basil
Step 9: Taste test!!!!
We can't wait to make our pizza 
for the Harvest Festival.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Waikato Museum Day

On Wednesday we walked to our Waikato Museum.
We learnt how to make an animated movie with Gabrille.

 Nathan the storyteller shared three Taniwha legends
and we created a play called
Waiwaia the Taniwha

Then we discovered how movie makers
create their monsters.
These movie monsters were huge!!!

The next day we made special 'Thank You' cards
for our wonderful parents who spent the day with us.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Read our swimming stories
Please Add a Title


We have been learning how to 
and compare data.
We made a Pictograph with our shoes.
Which type of shoes has the most?
Which has the least?
What else can you compare and find out?

We sorted ourselves into groups of clothes.
Then we made a Bar graph.
How many children are wearing shorts?
How many children are wearing 3/4 pants?
How many children are wearing  trousers?
How many children are wearing skirts?
Which group has the most?
Which group has the least?
How many more children are wearing shorts than trousers?
What else can you find out?