Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Water Fight

Splash the water went across my face. "I hate water fights" I yelled. I want the hose! Alice kept on squirting me but I dodged. Wee! I can jump so high. She let go and I ran and grabbed the hose, I was so excited to squirt her but God dang it, she got it back! Oh no, she did pay back. The water made a strange noise it sprayed everywhere. The water touched my hand so I felt it. I felt happy because I was really hot and the water was nice. When Alice was just about to squirt me, mum came and said its time to stop having a water fight. I slipped on the grass getting off my tramp at four o clock. A butterfly flew by, it is orange and white and black.
By Anna

Word Work 🙂

Look at all the words I wrote in Wordwork. The timer was set for 10 minutes
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Dad is as tall as the sky tower! Dad is fat! Dad has hairy arm pits! A black and grey beard! Dad works day and night. Dad is a superhero. Dad is soft like a blanket. Dad is tough like a lion. Dad likes to fight with me. Dad likes to eat and sleep together. We like to work.
by Nicholas

Friday, June 24, 2016


Matariki is a special time of year. We welcome the Maori New Year together by sharing delicious warm soup and fried bread. Thank you to all our wonderful parents that helped.

Nude Food Day

We really, really, really, REALLY want to win the Nude Food Day competition. Look at all our amazing 'nude food' lunchboxes.
We have some fantastic material wraps for our sandwiches and cakes too.

Keep it up Room 16!
Nude Food Lunches on PhotoPeach

Whaea Kat joins Te Rehia Theatre

This week we were visited by Te Rehia Theatre. We loved the characters in the show, especially Wheke. However the group was one actor short for their performance. So...

Whaea Kat, The newest member of Te Rehia Theatre Group from Ham East on Vimeo.

Our Bridge Walk Day

Our Bridge Walk on PhotoPeach Our Bridge Walk Day on PhotoPeach


Dad is as tall as a sky-tower. dad is the coolest dad in the world. He takes me to the Waikato river. He asked me if I could jump off Waikato bridge and I said "Yes!" I was happy and I went there on my brothers birthday. My brother and I jumped off the bridge and we did a cannon BOMB! My brother's one was the biggest bomb. After the bombing we had a cake. The end of this story.
by Raumati


Wheke looks like a creepy octopus. He looks like he is smelly. He is funny and silly like a giraffe. It is his birthday. Wheke is very creepy and steals cake. He kidnaps people.
by Logan


Dad has smelly feet. Dad is taller than me. Dad is so bald and has brown eyes. Dad has a big beard and he is brown like me. Dad is cool but not really. Dad is kind and helpful to me. Dad is too funny, he is friendly too and makes funny faces. Sometimes Dad tells bedtime stories. Dad goes to do a job, he goes away in his car. Dad misses dinner. When we ask Dad to read us a story he says "I will come."
by Hassan

Amazing Me!

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I have been using my 'Growth Mindset' and working on my goals.
I can write my numbers to 100.
Look at how many words I can write 😀
by Ariana

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dad has a brown beard and brown cowboy boots. He wears a white shirt and dark blue pants. Dad's got abs and smelly feet. He works, shops and sleeps. He's a writer. Sometimes he goes to meetings. He's smart and careful. He's pretty silly and funny is well. Together we like to shop.
by Boston

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Mum

Mum has blue eyes and white skin. She is nice and sneaky too. She cooks and knits caps and other things. She plays tricks on me. She is funny, like so funny l can't stop laughing. She is so good to me, my sister and dad too.
by Qwayde

My Dad

Dad looks like my little white car at home but I think he looks like a strawberry. He likes to show off. Dad likes to wear blue t-shirts and red pants. dad can make metal because he works at colour works. Once we crushed cans, he took it to work and he made it into a big block. I thought it was a tramp but it was not a tramp. We love to make sandcastles. After the beach we love to get ice cream together.
by Dezyre

My Deck Plan.

Nude Food Day

My Deck Plan

Friday, June 17, 2016


Wow! The BFG has colossal ears, they're humongous. He has got shoes with holes in the bottom, the holes are humongous. He's got a black cloak. The BFG is very kind and he wears dungarees. He always gets his words mixed up. He has a trumpet, it is yellow. I like yellow trumpets. The BFG is as big as a cloud. He has a big nose, it's so long, almost four feet long.
by Lydia

Mum is High-spirited.

Mum is lovely. She has short, white, fuzzy hair and greenie-blue eyes. She's very bold and very cheerful. When someone says "We're going on a trip," she can't wait to go. She's as clever as an owl and is interested in everything. She shouts when she's angry and when she's hurt she screams . Her favourite colour is violet. She loves to bake and feels proud when we say its great. My favourite thing to do with her is huddle up in her bed with the dogs.
by Cassia


Bash! Wow the thunder was scary I was in the bathroom. I was about to wash my hair, then BOOM! The thunder made me jump 3 times then I fell down. I was about to cry because the thunder was loud. It was BASHING and SWIRLING. My baby brother was scared too. The lights in the hallway turned off and on. My mum was scared because the lightning was scaring her.  Mum shook and she cuddled my baby brother, she said "Hurry hurry, give me a blanket." I Shivered and I got my robe on.
by Hodan

Word Work

Look how many words we can write in 10 minutes.
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Mum

Mum has red, ginger curly hair and she has a big smile. She is helpful by willing to help me when I get stuck. She is loving and cares about everyone, she loves me helping her. Mum loves cats and she loves JJ,  Sally and Slim purring on her lap. Mum likes to play cards with me. She bakes ginger crunch cookies, cupcakes and cakes.
by Anna

Editing Our Writin