Friday, December 9, 2011

Observational Drawing using our School Environment

We have fantastic observational drawing skills in Room 16.
Our Goals are to use our sketching pencil to  
  • create fat and thin lines 
  • dark and light areas
  • show detail and patterning
  • show shading.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magic! 1000 Visitors to our Blog!

Bradley has been watching the number of visitors to our Blog.  This week we had lots of lovely, positive compliments about our dancing from our friends at Wix Primary School in England.  That gave us 1029 visitors.  Today we had a celebration with...
Hundred's and Thousand's biscuits - just like Room 14 did!
We really liked that idea!
Yum, yum!
And look... we already have 1034 visitors today!
A big thank you to all the people that have visited 
and left comments on our blog.

Blog awards

Exciting news...
Room 14 at Hamilton East School has been nominated for an Edublog award.
Check out their blog and follow the link to vote for them.  
They have helped all of us with our blogs and our learning this year.  
Good luck, we think you are the best Room 14!  
All of Room 16 are going to vote for you at home!
Room 14 had their own Blog Awards.  They invited us to be an audience.  All the children in Room 14 were dressed in their good clothes, they looked very smart.  They put chairs out for us to sit on.  We felt like very important guests.
Then Rebecca and Yussuf read out the award nominations and the winners.
We were nominated for the 'Best Use of Video Award' and the 'Best Class Blog Award'.
It was a tie, we shared the 'Best Class Blog Award' with K/D1.  We cheered, what an honour! Thank you very much Room 14. 
Check out their blog post to see our smiles!
Look at our Award Certificates ...


Friday, December 2, 2011

Planting Our Spring Garden

Yay! Summer is coming.
We had a class discussion 
and chose to plant a pizza garden this Spring.
Because we all LOVE PIZZA!
We chose plants that make great pizza toppings
basil      peppers      tomatoes      spring onions

Tylah-Dawn and Nevaeh-Lee measured our garden space.
 We planned where the plants would fit.  We had to use lots of measuring and maths problem solving!  We decided our garden is too small and we couldn't fit all of the plants in.  We could only plant 2 tomato plants, 2 capsicums, 4 basil plants and a few spring onions.

When Kullan was in Room 1, he learnt that if you plant marigold flowers in your vege garden, they help keep the bugs off your plants.  Snails do not like marigold flowers.  This is called 'Companion Planting'.
Thanks Kullan, what a great idea!  So we planted 4 marigold plants too! 
Our vege garden needed some compost.  Dugan got us a wheelbarrow of compost from our worm bins.  Pooh!  It didn't smell very nice but we know the plants will love the rich nutrients.  We turned the dirt over in our garden, put the compost on top, then mixed it up. 
Planting our Pizza Garden on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Litterless Lunch Wednesday

Our Craigburn Primary School buddies in Australia 
told us that they have a 
Litterless Lunch Day every week.
We thought that was a really good idea for our school.
Bradley asked the Student Council 
if they thought it was a good idea, and they agreed.
We planned how to tell all the classes.
We made 5 groups.
 We planned a job for everyone in the group to do.
 1.  Tell the class about Litterless Lunch Day
 2.  Explain what it means, NOT to bring any wrapping to school.
 3.  Show everyone how much rubbish we collected from the playground.
 4.  Tell the classes about the rubbish videos we saw and how we are trying to save our planet.
We decided to make posters for each class 
to put in their window and remind them every WEDNESDAY.
Maths Problem - How many children should work on each poster?
We sent Rochelle, in the office, an email
and asked her to put a notice
in the school newsletter.
We told all the Mums and Dads about
'Litterless Lunch Wednesday'
We practiced our speeches.
we watched ourselves!
We talked about what we did really well,
and what we could do to improve.
Listen to our speeches now!
Do you think we improved our speeches?

On Wednesday, Bradley and Kullan went to visit each class and gave all the children with 'Litterless Lunch' an Enviro card.  Hope they win a prize at Positive Assembly on Friday!  Well done Hamilton East School, you are helping to look after our environment. 
We challenge each class to see if they can all be litterless next Wednesday.
Which class do you think will win!

Dylan Elise - Drumming Concert

Dylan Elise came back to HES this week.
He is an amazing drummer.  
His sister Hannah joined him for a song playing the base guitar.
Dylan taught us about rhythm.
He got the whole school clapping and singing
then he got the teachers to dance!
We enjoyed Dylan's Concert so much 
we made our own beat patterns in class.
Then we went a little bit crazy and we danced to some drum music.
Look at us grooving to the beat!

What do you think of our dance moves?

Whanau Sports Day

The whole school joined together for our Athletics Day.
We mixed up the classes  and made teams 
with children of all ages.
We had lots of different games and activities
Sprints, Throw the Gumboot, High Jump,
Javelin, Discus, Hurdles, Ball in the Bucket,
Long Jump, and Sack Races!
Whanau Sports Day on PhotoPeach
What a morning!
We were worn out 
but we had soooo much fun!

A big thank you to all the
Year 5 Project Energizer Leaders
and the teachers.
Do you have a Sports Day at your school?
What is your favourite activity?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nude Food Day

Today was Nude Food Day in New Zealand.
What is Nude Food Day?
Check out their website
We brought our lunch to school in containers.
No plastic wrap or packages!

A rubbish free day!

Lunches at Wix Primary School

We were wondering what food children in other countries eat?
We asked our friends at Wix Primary School what they have for lunch?
They sent us some photos of their lunch boxes.
 They have School Dinners too! Yum!
What do you have for lunch?  
Please leave us a comment.

Learning about Arrays in Maths

We have been learning about skip count and sharing.
We have 24 counters and children.
How can we share them equally?
 Tui said "Give 1 to each person, until they are all gone."  
So we did!

How many did each child get?
We made an array to show our groups.
6 groups of 4 makes 24
6 x 4 = 24
 if we turn the photo around
4 groups of 6 makes 24
4 x 6 = 24