Saturday, June 28, 2014

Popping Popcorn

Today we had popcorn made by Mr Duck. Darryl took some interesting photos of Mr Duck heating the popcorn kernels until they popped making popcorn. The popcorn spat out of his mouth and it looked like he was spewing!  We added salt and sugar to try and give the natural popcorn some extra flavour. It didn't really work. Next time we need to add butter so that the salt and sugar can stick to the popcorn. It was still really yummy. Thank you Mr Duck.

These are words we came up with to describe 
what the popcorn taste like:
Wordle: Popcorn

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creative writing workshop with author Talia Evered

We loved our creative writing workshop with author Talia Evered today. We joined Room 13 for a whole block of stories, laughter and silliness! 

Talia read her first book, "I wonder what I can wonder in my wardrobe". We enjoyed all the crazy things and animals that were lurking inside and asked Talia some questions about being an author and where you get your ideas from. This is Talia's website if you want to know more about her and her books:

After creating our own imaginary story together as a group, about three elephants with wings, we were ready to think like real authors. 

Room 16 will now be thinking, planning, writing, recrafting, illustrating and publishing our own stories before the end of this term. 

Again, thank you to everyone who helped us pay for this workshop. We actually have quite a bit of money left over so watch this space to see how we decide on how to spend the rest of the money.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Room 16's Sponsored Walk

Well done Room 16 for trying so hard and never giving up during our sponsored walk on Tuesday 3rd June. They walked for a whole hour around Putikitiki and everyone walked more than 10 laps - Subair did 20 laps so he walked 5km (1 lap = 1/4 km). 

A huge thank you to Room 9, our amazing buddy class, who came along to help us. They walked with us, providing support and checking all of Room 16 followed the no running and no skipping cones rule (if you did you got a 10 second on the spot penalty!). Room 9 also filmed most of this video below. 

We all had lots of fun. I am very proud of all the students that took part. 

Hopefully all of the sponsorship money will be brought into school over the next week, ready for our creative writing workshop with Talia Evered on Wednesday 18th June. Thank you very much to all the family and friends who have sponsored children in Room 9.

Whaea Eve