Here are some websites to visit. 
Improve your maths strategy and basic facts knowledge.

How many times have you been on Xtramath this week? - Xtramath

Choose what stage you are on - Basic Facts Practice 

Complete the missing numbers - 100 Chart Challenge

Term 3

Practice your basic facts with 5    

Now try ...   Can you find the missing number?

How fast can you solve these?  basic facts with 5    

Now try... ten more, ten less

Beat the clock using doubles to 10 facts    

Now try ... using our facts to 5  addition   subtraction  

and challenge yourself with these number problems using our facts to 5

How many times can you beat the clock? Try these number facts

Now try ... how fast do you know your number bonds to 10?  Make decades

Week 1 and 2
Fair Shares     Animals

Term 2
Click on the name of your lesson, the part in purple.

Diamonds - flyflips

Triangles - adding tens      subtracting tens

Circles - missing tens and ones     making ten

Squares - jumping thru the number line     

Circles and Squares  - multiplication work      pirate crews        biscuit boxes


Term 4
Week 1, 2 and 3
Diamonds - Counting on from the biggest number first - Counting on
Triangles - Counting back - Counting back
                                What is the missing number? - Change unknown
Circles and Squares - revisit the strategies we have learnt this year  
What is the missing number? - Change unknown
Counting back in parts - Subtraction in parts
Working with compatible numbers - Compatible numbers
Practice your skip counting forwards and back in 3s - Counting in 3s
                            Multiplication, making an array - Animal arrays
                            Division, equal sharing - Pirate crews

Term 3

We are exploring 2D and 3D shapes. 
How many activities can you complete on this link - 2D and 3D Shape activities

Experiment with symmetry - Symmetry Sorting

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