Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Observational Writing

Whaea Eve brought Marnie’s bike into class so we could practise observational writing. After sketching the bike, we had to choose one part to write about.
We were learning to:
-     Order our writing (talk about what the part looks like and then what it does / why it is there)
-     Look closely and describe exactly what we see.
-     Be precise in our language choices (write what it is, NOT what it kind of is)
We did this over two days, writing about a different part of the bike each day. We worked in groups to share our ideas and precise language before writing each part. 
Here are some examples:

The seat is a love heart and an oval shape. The seat is pink, purple and blue. The seat is for the rider to sit on and when the rider’s legs get bigger, the rider can put the seat up. Also when the rider gets tired, the rider can sit down.

The light reflectors have little cracks like a turtle shell and are the size of two pieces of gum. They are shiny orange. The light reflectors help you when the rider is crossing the road.

The light reflectors are scaly orange. The scales are like a snake’s scales. The orange glimmers in the sun like a crystal. The light reflectors reflect the light to the cars so they don’t run the rider over.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Reading during the holiday

To all parents / caregivers,

What a great term 2. I think everyone in Room 16 deserves a good two week break so they are ready and raring to go for term 3 and our Operetta!

I have stapled the note below into your child's reading log. It contains their personal username and password so they can log into Sunshine Classics.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and see you in two weeks.

Whaea Eve

Reading during the holiday

Well done everyone in Room 16 for all your hard work in Term 2. You have all made progress in reading. It is important to continue reading - even in the holidays; books at home, from the library as well as reading material online.

I have set up an account for each of you on Sunshine Classics. There are eight books for you to listen to, read and even record yourself reading as well as reading activities to do.

This is not something you have to do but hopefully something you will want to do during the two week holiday. For those who do not have access to the internet at home, perhaps a friend or family member does and Hamilton City Libraries have free internet access.

Website:      http://bookshelf.sunshineclassics.com.au/students/login
                      or google Sunshine Classics and click on student log in

Username:  personal username - in reading log

Password:  personal password - in reading log

Healthy breakfasts

This week Erin from Project Energize came into Room 16 to talk to us about making good breakfast choices. We talked about how we feel when we are hungry and all agreed it made us tired and grumpy and made it hard for us to learn. 

We learnt that we do not want too much sugar at breakfast time as it will give us lots of energy straight away but then we will quickly lose all the energy, making us tired before morning tea time. It is also bad for our teeth and in Room 16 many of us are growing our grown up teeth so we need to make sure we look after them well! We also learnt that we do not want too much fat either as too much fat can build up around our heart and make it hard to beat properly. 

We were all surprised to hear that some breakfast choices are actually really bad to eat all the time like Nutri-Grain and Coco Pops as about 1/3 it is sugar. As we have been learning all about fractions in Room 16, we know that 1/3 is quite a lot. Also some breakfast choices like natural muesli actually have sugar added to it so they look healthy but are not as healthy as Weet-Bix or porridge - but natural muesli is still better than toasted muesli. 

It was also interesting to learn that it is important to eat enough so that you are full until morning tea. Cornflakes with milk for example is not enough food by itself and should be topped up with either fruit, yogurt or something else to eat like toast. 

It is said that 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day' as it starts our day properly for learning and we all like learning in Room 16.

             Everyday choices
Sometimes choices
Occasional choices