Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Play Challenge

Sonja from Project Energize has been to visit us.  We have new challenges each week.  This week we are working on Criss-Cross' Challenges.  We have video of us doing the poi challenge. 

Home Play Challenge from Ham East on Vimeo.
Tarn, from Room 14, took the video for us on our new flip recorder!
Criss Cross' challenges include 
Leap Frog
Grooving to music

Hip Hop Grooving from Ham East on Vimeo.
What do you think of our dance moves?
You can even try making your own salad sandwich!
 How many can you do with your family?

Moving Sand

We were very lucky to get a truckload of new sand for our sandpit, which was looking a bit sad.  Unfortunately the truck was not able to put the sand straight into the sandpit.

Sooo.....   Guess who helped move the sand?
'Girl Power' first!

Then the boys had a turn!

Then... we all worked together!!!

The pile got smaller
We tried co-operation!!! 
and the pile got smaller...
We got the brooms out to sweep the path.
We had to have a little rest... phew!!!!!
... not much to go!!
We did it!!!!!!!!!!!
 Wow! That was hard work!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Proud

We wrote stories about a time 
that we were proud of ourselves.  
We used the kidpix tools to illustrate our stories.
School was finished.  Kelvin and I walked home for the first time by ourselves.  When I got home I felt wonderful.  Mum was proud too.  From that day on I always walk and I will never stop, unless it is raining!
by Tui
I was proud because I got a toolkit award.  I felt wonderful.  When I was walking up to Pippa I was shy, but when I got the toolkit award I was brave.  When I went to sit down Mele said “Can I look?”
I said “Yes.”
by Alaa
On Saturday we versed Huntly in rugby.  We had a little warm up.  Dad kicked the ball as high as the redwood tree.  Then we played the first game.  I had to do the scrum.  My team-mate gave the ball to me.  I passed the ball to Joe.  Joe got tackled,  Huntly took the ball.  I said “I’m getting a juggly feeling.”  I zoomed up to get Huntly.  I felt so proud and happy!
by Kullan
At the end of hockey the Tuatara’s went to Pippa and Pippa said “The ‘Player of the Day’ is…
Dad said “Well done Tylah-Dawnn!  Let’s go and have a sausage to celebrate.”
I was totally proud of myself.  My head shook and my body went crazy.  I ordered my own sausages.  We had one with onion and two with no onion.
by Tylah-Dawnn
I was proud when I got a six.  My brother was mad!  I was even prouder when I still got more sixes!  I feel like the winner of the cricket game!  My brother is still mad.  If he wins the cricket game he will get some lollies.  But I win!  I get the lollies!   After cricket I am tired, but still proud.
by Bradley
I started to climb up the monkey bars.  When I got to the top, my brain had tears of joy.  My brain was spinning around.  My heart felt proud.  I was a little spooked.  I was proud of my bravery.  My heart was all brave.  It was a fun!  I felt lke I was on a cliff.  My mum said, “Holy!”  Anna wanted to be like me.  I also put my hand on the bars and swung all the way to the ground.  Then I went to do something else.
by Alice

Once upon a time, Dad and I wanted to make a hut.  So we did.  We made our hut out of crates.  We chucked a cover on it.  It looked like the top of a roof.  I ran as fast as I could, at the same time I laughed because the blanket fell on my Dad’s head.  I was proud because he tickled me.
by Andrew

 I was doing my goals and Harlen was doing his goals.  We hit the ball.  We were proud.  “Wow!” I said.  “That was fantastic.”  So we hit the ball more and more times.  Then we stopped, we had had enough.  My tummy was tingly because I was proud.
by Connor
I was proud because I was skipping.  Ms Nagels said to me “Good boy,” and I looked proud.  I was excited because Ms Nagles gave me a positive card.  Then I was proud because I was doing my skipping.  I looked like a big boy.  My mum said to me “Very good!  Let’s go to K.F.C!” 
My body felt like it was going to explode.  I felt proud.
by Jeszmuel

My coach was proud of me.  My coach’s name is Mike, but I get to call him Mikey.  I won a trophy, a gold trophy.  My mum was proud of me.  My cousin said “Well done Mele.”  I’m proud of myself.  My friend was proud of me too.  My team lifted me up.  Aminio was there with me and he was in my team.
by Mele

On Tuesday I had fun. It was fun because we played netball with my sister.  We watched the movie ‘Tangled’.  I was proud of myself when I played netball.
by Niaana

Last year, I was in Room 1.  In Room 1 I had my birthday.  I was six.  My best day was on a Friday.  Room 1 sang “Happy birthday to Namrata, happy birthday to you.”  I was so happy.  I felt like my cheeks were hurting because I was smiling so much!  It was time for cake, my birthday cake had six candles, like me.  My cake was tasty and yummy too.  After my birthday I went home.  At home, in the night, I had my birthday again.
by Namrata
I was excited before I got there. “Mum, I am excited,” I said, and Mum said she was very proud.  When I got there, I was scared, but Mum said
“Go to your coach.” 
“But Mum, I’m scared!”  I said.  Then I was proud, because I got a goal!  Mum said “Good! Now go!”  “Alright” I said.  “Bye Mum and Dad, bye sister and brother, see you!”
by Nevaeh-Lee

 After a few days Mum is getting a shiny new car.  I am really excited for her.  I think she’s going to get a red or blue car.  She is so lucky because she is getting a new car.  Then my dad will have the old car for himself.  When my mum has got the new car she will bring us dolls, metal dolls.  My brain went juicy when mum said we could choose them.  I was busting to see our chosen dolls, then Mum said she could give us two dolls each!  I am so excited, I can’t wait until I got those two dolls.  Then we can go to school by car.  We are going to get the car and dolls after two weeks.  I will be so, so, so excited.  I’m going to feel very, very proud.  I’m going to feel more proud than ever!
by Rafeea
Te Rapa versed Rotorua.  We played three games.  I was excited because I was the player of the day.  After the game we got to choose the best team, it was Te Rapa.  I smiled, my dad was proud of me.  After my game we got a burger.
by Robin

I asked my good mum if I was allowed to go to the netball.  “Please, Mum?”  I said.  Mum said “Yes, you may go.” 
“Can you drop me off please?” I asked. 
“Yes” said Mum.
I was excited.  I was the ‘Player of the day’.  Mum was so proud of me.  She said “Let’s go and get our lollies.”  Then we bought a strawberry drink too.  It was yum.  Then we went home.  Mum said “You are a good girl! You can go to your Aunty’s house.”
by Shaneille