Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Storm

The thunder and lightning storm on Tuesday night was very loud, bright, scary and exciting. Room 16 had a lot to share and talk about on Wednesday morning. We wrote some wonderful descriptive writing. We hope you enjoy our stories.
The Storm

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oral Language

We have been looking at pictures in our Buzz groups. 
Talking about what we see, what it reminds us of and sharing what we think.


We explored changing the tone of a colour in our art lesson.
Mrs McKenzie taught a group of children how to add white and black to change tone.  
Then we taught each other.

We reflected on what it was like to be the teacher and the learner.
  •  other children helped us and showed us what to do-Jasnoor
  • I felt like I was the teacher. I was telling other children what to do-Ezra
  • it was really hard because it was hard to mix the tones-Cassia
  • it was confusing because a lot of people were talking at once-Dezyre
  • when I got there they showed me what to do. I liked listening to other children-Logan
  • it was confusing to know which thing to do first because everyone was doing something different-Matiu
  • it was very difficult to change the tone lighter and lighter-Hodan
  • it was hard to listen because lots of us were talking and learning together-Lydia
  • it started hard because it was our first time. We kept practising and it got easier-Anna
  • it was hard being a teacher. Children did listen to me-Qwayde
  • it was easy to show them because I did it first-Carmelo
  • it was hard being a teacher. I thought it was going to be a dream come true – Dezyre
  • it was fun mixing the colours and changing the tones-Raumati
  • it was very different being a teacher because people were listening to what I was saying-Sam
  •  it was hard changing the dark tone because it kept staying dark-Dezyre
  • it was hard wiping the paint off the brush on the paper-Jamie
  • Hassan helped me mix the paint-Samuel
  • it was difficult listening and learning how to wipe the brush on the paper-Hodan
  • it was difficult to mix the colours up and I didn’t know what the colour was going to be-Daisy
  • it was very tricky making the black. I was first and I had to help other children-Boston
  • it was hard to hear because we were all talking and learning together-Nicholas
  • mine was different, it kept going grey-Noah
  • I like helping other people learn how to mix the paint-Brooke
  • it was fun being a teacher because I could boss everyone around-Sakthi
  •  it was hard listening to what my teacher was showing me-Ashen
  • it was hard mixing the white-Regahn

Hukanui Marae Visit

A big thank you to all the parents and caregivers that joined us on our visit to Hukanui Marae. It was a wonderful experience to attend as a whole school. We all thought our Kapa Haka children were fantastic.
Inside the Marae, there were lots of kowhaiwhai patterns and people. The place was so nice. They were talking for a long time but I was still listening. The big boys did the hongi greeting and the girls had to shake hands.
by Ezra

Yesterday, Hamilton East School drove to the Hukanui Marae in four or five buses.  At the marae there is a gateway with kowhaiwhai patterns.  In the wharenui there are pictures of ancestors.  After we finished, we sketched a tree nearby and something that is smaller than our hand.  Our Kapa Haka group sang wonderfully without music.

by Anna

by Nicholas

Hukanui Marae on PhotoPeach


We went for a walk around our school to see what changes had happened in the holidays. We all wrote about what we found. We have been learning about similes and included one in our writing. You can find our stories in our new individual blog links on the righthand side of our class blog site.

Friday, May 20, 2016

White Sky

Ah! There is a storm outside. The lightning looks like a skeleton. "Come inside Nicholas"said mummy. "I have a shield with me" I said. "Just come inside" said mummy. "Ok" I said. I went inside, mummy had made dinner! Let's eat.
By Nicholas


Bang! My legs shook. The wind howled. Lightning flashed before my eyes. It looked like a upside down yellow tree. Trees shook their leaves. A lightning storm roared outside. In my house, my family huddled inside a pink blanket. Everyone was shocked by the storm. My cats meow outside. Dogs barked. Whoosh!! Went the leaves. I saw the clouds outside, black as night I thought. Bang!!!! Another lightning bolt came down.
By Cassia

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Word work


Boom went the lightning. It made shockwaves through the sky. It broke the sky and looked like a tree in the sky. It looked like Gandalf. The lightning is like water in the sky. The lightning is like an earthquake in the sky.
By Zeno



Swish, the leaves are floating and falling down on Room 16.  We are taking a walk around to find changes in the school.  The leaves are floating like a piece of paper.  Suddenly, we see the pool.   It looks like snot.  On the hall there is a new sign saying ‘Stand tall, Reach high.  Tu tangata! Tu mia!

by Anna



Crunch, go the leaves as I step on them.  Yuck, the pool is like snot.  I see a butterfly.  The grass is as wet as juice.  Oh, a new sign on the hall.  Yay! We are going down to Putikitiki.  The leaves are as red as blood. 

by Ashen



Twirling, swish, the leaves are falling like a tornado.  They crunch, mash, crack.  The leaves are so red.  The pool looks green like a slimy booger.  I am never going to swim in the boogery pool.  There are solar panels on the roof.  I think the solar panels make the projector work.

by Hodan