Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tane Mahuta Day

We read the legend of Ranginui, Papatuanuku and their son Tane Mahuta.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Calendar Art

We each used the digital camera and took our own autumn leaf photos.
We then used Kidpix tools to cut out a picture of ourselves,
we imported our photos and put ourselves sitting on a leaf.
Our Calendar Art on PhotoPeach
Calendar, dairy and card order forms have been sent home.
Please send your order to the office.

What do you think of our wonderful artworks?
Aren't we incredible!

Water Cycle

We did some experiments to find out about the Water Cycle.
We held ice cubes in our hands.
They were very cold, they made our fingers tingle.
They melted.
We made a puddle of water on the table.
We watched it all day.
The puddle slowly disappeared.

We boiled a kettle.
There was a lot of steam.
When we held a cold plate above the steam.
Drops of water collected and started to drip back into the jug.
We blew on the windows with our warm breath.
We made condensation.
We walked on the frosty grass.
We left footprints.

What makes water change state?
Do you know?
Leave us a comment and Room 16 will tell you if you are right!


We asked Dugan to talk to us about decomposition.
We found leaves that had just fallen down from the trees.
 Underneath was another layer of leaves that were going rotten.
Dugan told us they were probably from last year.
There were lots of little insects running around,
slaters and centipedes.
When we dug down further there was very good soil.
All the old leaves had decomposed.
The soil was full of good food for the garden.
There were lots of worms.

Dugan took us to the Wormbins to show us how they work.
 They were very smelly!
Dugan said "If it is smelly it is NOT ready to put on our gardens."
He dug down under the worm food and....
 wonderful, rich compost.  Ready to go in our gardens,
and lots of worms!
 We decided to make a worm farm for our classroom.
We got some good soil and worms from Dugan.
We followed the Journal Story Room 14 told us about.
 Now we have our own class Wormbin.
 Our worms love chopped up, sweet and juicy feijoas!

Pyjama Day

We had a Pyjama Day to raise money for our sister school in Uganda.
Check out our PJ's and our smiles!
Thanks to all those PJ kids who joined in the fun. 
We raised $212 for Hamilton Buikwe School and had lots of fun.

Our Little Hedgehog

We found a very cute baby hedgehog stuck in our drain pipe!  
So, we rang Dugan to come and rescue him!
Dugan had to problem solve how to get him out, 
he even tried using a vacuum cleaner to suck him up!
He eventually managed to pull him up, very slowly and carefully.
He was all scrunched in a little ball.
Dugan told us this was because he was very scared.
We could see his little nose twitching!
 Can you see his tiny nose and eyes?
Look at his little paws!
What a cute baby.


Why do leaves change colour in Autumn?
Plants make their own food.  They take water from the ground through their roots.  They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air.  They turn water and carbon dioxide into food and oxygen.  
Plants use sunlight to make their food, this gives leaves a green colour.  
Some leaves turn red, brown and yellow.  
Do you think that green leaves could have all these colours inside the leaf?  
We did an experiment to find out?

 Step 1:
Collect 2 different green leaves and 2 different leaves that have started to change colour.
 Step 2:
Chop them up into small piece and put them in separate small jars.  Cover them with Isopropyl liquid and put a lid on.  (You must get and adult to help you with the Isopropyl liquid)
 Step 3:
Place the jars in a shallow tray containing 3 cm of hot water. Leave for 30 minutes.
Step 4:
Remove jars from water and uncover.  Place a strip of filter paper into each jar so that one end is in the liquid.  Leave for 1 hour.

What colours do you think will be on the filter paper?
Try our experiment and send us a comment 
telling us what you found!

Puddle Writing

Puddles from Ham East on Vimeo.

When I went to see Mum, I stepped in the puddles.  I was running.  I was laughing and laughing and Mum was laughing too.  My whole family was laughing because I fell in the puddle.  I got out of it so I could get dry.  Dad didn’t see the puddle and he landed in it.  I laughed and laughed too!
by Aotea

I jumped into the puddles and they were white, black and grey.  It made me wet and it was cold.  I kept jumping and it made me wet again. It was raining in the puddles  and there were little circles in the puddles.
by Paige

I splashed water into the drain until it got into my gumboots.  Then I tried to pour it out! 
by Ruby

The puddle was by our class.  My friend said to me, “There is a puddle”.
I went and jumped into the puddle, it was fun.  The puddle was wet and I played in it.  The water was squishy and my shoes were wet.  I jumped and reached and I could not stop laughing!
by Michelle

When I was walking to school I saw a puddle, it was shiny.  I jumped in, it was freezing cold and wet!  My brother and I were going down the hill.  He saw a big puddle.  My brother jumped in it and he got wet!  The brown, red leaves were in the big shiny puddles.   I like the rain because it gets me wet and it feel nice on my back and it tickles.  I got soaked and so did my brother!
by Jahna

I ran to the big puddle and I could not stop!  When I got there I tripped up by a rock.  It was a little rock.  I kept tripping over in the puddle.  It was slimy water and I went “Awwwww, yuck, yuck yuck!
by Racheal

I was playing with Emma and we saw a big puddle.  Emma wanted to jump in the puddle.  It was fun!  Emma jumped in and the water went all over her.  She was soaking wet.  I was playing in my gumboots.  My feet were nice and dry!
by Scania

I stepped in a big puddle and my sister started laughing at me.  It was cold.  Then I fell over in it.  I got very cold and wet.  I laughed and laughed too much.  I couldn’t stop at all.
by Maraanea

I stamped in the puddle and I got wet.  My trousers got wet.  I felt very sad.  The puddle was sparkly, it was on the ground.  Our roof is broken.  The rain is leaking on my brother.  He didn’t see the water coming down on his shoulder.  Oops!
by Shanyn

I jumped in the puddle, my knees got wet.  Mum said “You got your socks wet”.  My socks are soggy now!
by Emma