Sunday, November 8, 2015

World Cup Fever

 Congratulations to our mighty All Blacks!
It was so exciting watching the 
All Blacks win the World Cup 2015!

Imagine if you were there,
You might get to meet your favourite All Black...
I jumped over the fence and ran! Faster than the speed of light. I trip over on the cold grass.  There they were, the All Blacks.  Sonny Bill picked me up. "What were you thinking?" he said as he took me back to my dad.  Sonny Bill gave me his medal.
by Ben

Bam! I fell to the ground. Incoming! Wham! Someone came out and tackled me.  Ouch! I look up to the foggy sky and there standing before me is Sonny Bill Williams.  He helps me up and gives me his medal.  He walks me back to the crowd.  I'm finally back with my family. I am amazed, and I am still shivering because it was Sonny Bill's medal.
by Detroit

In my seat listening to all the shouting, cheering and whistling from the fans. My heart is beating really fast, then...
I leap over the fence as the All Blacks come by, I get tackled by a security guard. But I didn't cry, Sonny Bill helps me up. My heart is still beating really fast. My mouth didn't know what to say because I was so excited that I couldn't even walk properly.  Sonny Bill brought me back to my seat. But as we are nearly there he did something very nice, he gave me his world cup medal! I nearly fainted but inside of me I said "How nice of him."  
He said to me, "You really should have just stayed in your seat, have a nice night."
Now that time I really did faint. I was really happy.
by Zaria

Whoosh! I jump over the fence like a fantastic eagle.  Then, flying out of no where, a security guard comes chasing after me. He is one inch away from me, bang! He tackles me down to the ground. First my shoulder hits the ground like an earthquake. Sonny Bill picks me up and takes me to my parents. Liam Messam gives me his beanie and Sonny Bill gives me his medal. He says to me, "You are a really good kid, have a good day." 
"What a good day," I say to myself. I went home and thought to myself again, what a very fantastic, amazing, marvellous day!
by Devon

I run on the open field. I shiver and shake. Bang! I fall to the hard ground. But suddenly...
Something grips my hand, it is Sonny Bill Williams. He wraps a medal around me and takes me safely to my nice family. I can feel the sweat when he pulls me up.
by Micah