Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Class Garden

When we came back to school 
our class garden looked 
          like this... 
The tomatoes had gone crazy 
and a pumpkin plant was trying to steal our garden.
we staked our tomato plants
 pulled out the weeds...
and thanked the marigolds for keeping the bugs away
            We found...
 basil, spring onions, capsicum
and lots and lots of tomatoes.
 Wow! We are going to be able to 
make the most delicious pizza's
from our Pizza Garden!
Yum!  We can't wait!!!!

Our Totara Tree

Room 16 is part of the Totara Team. 
So our Totara trees are very special to us.
We looked very carefully at our Totara tree.
Look...  draw...  look...
 then we made these wonderful sketches.
Our Totara Tree on PhotoPeach

Check Out Our Smiles In Room 16

We look like this when we smile ...
Smiles On Our Dials! on PhotoPeach

Rights and Responsibilities

Our school Mission Statement is
'I enjoy learning'
We talked about ways we could be responsible 
for making this happen in Room 16
We read the book 'The Treehouse Treaty'
We made our own Class Treaty
and we all signed it.

                              Class Treaty
In Room 16 we will …
1.  Be kind, friendly and include everybody.
2.  Manage ourselves and make good choices.
3.  Do as we are asked the first time.
4.  Take turns and share.
5.  Give compliments.
6.  Have a positive attitude and
     ‘Keep trying’ our best.
7.  Always do quality work.
8.  Care for our environment.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patrick and Shackleton visited on Friday

On Friday we had a visit from two very special people
                                    Patrick                             Shackleton
Patrick, Shackleton and the crew are going on journey to the 
New Zealand Sub-Antartic Islands.
They have a fantastic web site
They have invited schools to join in their journey by following their blog and sending them questions. 
They leave from Bluff on Friday, 10th February.
Do you know where Bluff is?  
How far do you think they will travel?
Send us a comment and have a guess?

Welcome to 2012

Yay!  We are back at school!
We all had wonderful holidays and are excited to be in Totara Team.
Room 16 children are all in Year 2 this year 
and it is the first time they are allowed to play on Putikitiki Playground.
It made everyone feel very grown-up
Check out our happy smiles!!