Saturday, September 15, 2012


We wanted to share what we have been learning about the 3r's
We planned our Wearable Arts costumes.
We reused materials to make 
our costumes and our instruments.
Room 14 and 16 joined together to perform.
A Change is gonna come... from Ham East on Vimeo.

Enjoy reading our Operetta writing...
A Change is gonna come...

We also wrote some imaginative stories... 
if something crazy happened in the Operetta...

I skipped onto the stage and one of the children turned into a monster.  All of the people were scared.  I was scared too.  I ran away and all of the other people ran too. The monster chased after us.  Then the monster turned back into a human.  Phew!
by Ruby

When I was going to walk off the stage Shahil fell over and down the steps.  He laughed at himself, then everybody fell down.  Oops!
by Racheal

I danced on the stage with my costume.  I came down the steps and Tui started to drum and everyone started to make some NOISE!  BANG... I heard everyone clapping.  Then Tui banged the drum very hard and the drum bounced up and flew outside the hall!  He ran after the drum!
by Isikeli

When the Operetta was on  I walked into the hall.  I saw Mohamed dancing and he fell off the stage.  Something happened down there.  There was a light and then he flew up and up and then...  everyone started to fly!    It was so awesome!
by Scania
Mrs McKenzie was very pleased that 
none of these crazy things happened!