Saturday, May 18, 2013

Room 16's perform the song Paradise in sign language

Room 16 learnt how to sing and sign the words to this award winning song by Waimarie Smith from St Peters School in Cambridge in just one week. To celebrate NZ music month we hope that other classes at Hamilton East will also learn this song so we can sing it at assembly on 31st May along with many other schools all over NZ. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tūrangawaewae Movie

This is Room 16's Tūrangawaewae movie showing our learning over the first term of school. As you will see we love learning but also having fun together!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Last Thursday we had a pineapple tasting session in class. This was inspired by an article the Kereru reading group read called, 'I wish I could taste it!' and it was all about pineapples. 

We had three different types of pineapple to eat; dried, canned and fresh. We sat in a big circle and waited until everyone had a piece so we could try it at the same time. Then we wrote down all the different words we could that described the taste, smell or look of that particular pineapple. 

11 of us liked the dried pineapple, 11 of us liked the canned pineapple and 12 of us liked the fresh pineapple. Below you can read a small part of some of the writing produced by the Room 16 students about their pineapple tasting experience:

Tia: I liked the one that was in a can, it was delicious.
Reydon: The dried pineapple tasted like raisins, it was crunchy. 
Latoya: The pineapple was sweet and I could taste the sugar. 
Aly: The fresh pineapple tasted like Hawaiian Pizza. 
Phlayme: The pineapple was squidgy in my mouth. 
Aniisa: When I first tasted the pineapple it tasted scrumptious and delicious. 
Heath: We tasted dried pineapple, it tasted like a banana.