Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Autumn Leaves

"It is raining leaves" said Alaa.
" The leaves are dancing" said Robin
The leaf was rough when I touched it.  It smelt weird.  
They fell from the tree and floated to the ground slowly.
by Hayat
The leaf is falling off the tree.  The leaves are munching and crunching.  
The leaves are all rotten like a rotten apple.  
There are yellow, red, gold and brown leaves on the ground.
by Bradley
All of the leaves fall one by one, then they fall five by five. 
We jump in the old leaves.  Some leaves are very old and they rip.  
The leaves smell like ginger beer.
by Kullan
The leaf feels like a feather.
They go crunch, crunch, crunch when we step on the leaves.  
It makes a swishing sound.  The wind blows the leaves.  
The colours are red and yellow, brown, green and gold too.  
Some trees are empty, some trees are green.
by Namrata

Autumn Art

We each used the digital camera to take a photo of 
autumn leaves in our school grounds.

We then took a photo of ourselves sitting down.

We used the kidpix tools to cut ourselves out, make us smaller and paste ourselves onto a leaf!

Sitting in the leaves. from Ham East on Vimeo.