Monday, December 15, 2014

Farewell Room 16

Room 16, I have loved being your teacher this year. I wish you all the best for next year. Keep talking, questioning and learning. Ka kite ano. 

These are just a few of the things that came to mind when I reflected back on our year together (click on it to see it more clearly):

Wordle: Room 16 2014

Last full day of school, 2014

There were so many exciting things happening today; whole school talent show, shared lunch and finding out the new classes for next year.

A couple of Room 16 students asked Ms Langton to play the violin which they danced. It was hard not to tap along to the music!

Then all of us got up to sing our a capella version of Do Re Mi. We were all very proud of ourselves. 

Then it was back to class to get ready for our shared lunch. We all made a salad sandwich with lettice from Room 14's garden - thank you Room 14. 

We said a karakia before we ate, starting with savoury food then moving onto sweet stuff. We had so much food. This is the shared lunch before eating:

This is the shared lunch after eating:

Thank you to everyone for contributing and making this a very special lunchtime.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Sorry for the delay in these photos!

This was Room 13 and 16's great day out to Raglan. We hired a bus to take us to Ngaruanui Beach and work with Danielle and Catherine from Te Kauri Lodge. After a fun couple of hours playing and working together in a sand building competition, we drove down to the harbour for hot chips before a quick play on the new playground. It was an amazing and exhausting day. Thank you so much to our many parent helpers who made this trip happen. This was paid for by the money we raised from our sponsored walk!

Sounds Amazing! Exhibition at the Waikato Museum

We had a fantastic day at the Sounds Amazing! Exhibition at the Waikato Museum. It was another free experience using the money we raised from our sponsored walk. 

We had all enjoyed listening to Ms Langton play her cello and violin for us in class and we now excited to learn more about how those sounds were made. 

Room 16 - can you talk through the photos in the slideshow and explain what we were learning about sound? 

After the Sounds Amazing! Exhibition we got to make our own sound makers - Lizard Catchers used by Māori many years ago. Then we had a quick visit to the Never a Dull Moment! Hamilton Stories exhibition. 

What a great day!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Room 16's Giant Pumpkin II

Room 16 had a big shock this week. Our giant pumpkin seedling, that had been lovingly planted and watered by our class, had gone! We noticed just before lunch so Jack and Ms Jones went to investigate and found it nearby. It has been pulled out and thrown to the side. 

Lucky for us, there was a spare seedling in the office. So with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to our old giant pumpkin and welcomed our new pumpkin into Room 16.

We will be keeping an extra close watch on Giant Pumpkin II to make sure it is safe and has enough water. 

Giant Pumpkin II is not a catchy name, so if anyone has any great suggestions please let us know! 

Shopping Trolley - how much can it hold?

We needed to use our basic facts to work out what fruit and vegetables we could put into our trolley that only holds 10kgs in total. 

8kgs = okay, still room for 2kgs more 

10kgs = full 

10kgs = full 

9kgs = almost full, only 1kg left

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mass or Weight?

In Room 16 we have been looking at mass and weight. We learnt that it is best to use the word mass as weight changes. For example if you weigh 50kgs on Earth you would weigh 1350kgs on the sun due to gravity but your shape or mass would still be the same. 

Checking boxes and containers to see how many grams of food they contain
We had three different items to order from biggest to smallest mass or biggest to smallest number

 Each group had to bring their items to the mat and order them 

The ice cream cones had the lowest mass, 70g (even though it was a big box) and the sugar and yogurts had the biggest mass, 1kg. 

1kg = 1000g because kilo = thousand